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Icon_branding Brand (n.)

PortfolioBUTTON_brandMuch more than a professionally designed logo and innovative tagline, a brand is the culture, appearance, personality and ongoing impression made. Your brand should represent unique selling propositions while communicating differentiators to your target audience. Kernacopia evaluates the competition, builds on your strengths and develops your brand identity with thorough design elements. The representation of your brand is a thought process—which, when executed properly, puts reason and meaning behind every visual and verbal mark.

Nomenclature & Copywriting
: What is said and how it is said creates a recognizable style of communication to represent and reinforce a brand's image. The brand name should always be presented as one, consistent, unique voice. Concise and effective communication is key in building brand recognition and appeal.

Brand Standards & Guidelines: After finalizing your brand identity, considering usage recommendations is important for maintaining your brand's consistency and distinctive essence as it's translated into your marketing materials. This can involve font specifications, photography and typography treatment, appropriate sizing, color palette studies and other design elements—all helping to bring the personality of your brand to life. It’s all about creating a complete package to carry your brand forward.