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Shaping Your Creative Genius

A passion for creative and great appreciation for team. That's me!
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Apr 24 Kernacles 0 Comments

From the first time I learned of how she assessed life through hands-on exploration, I’ve been intrigued with the uniqueness of how Helen Keller shared her experiences with the world. While later in life her social ideology was challenged, many still believe she was a conqueror of her own adversities and allowed the limitations of her physical body to shape her genius. Ultimately, Helen’s truest creative experience was her life.

Challenged by obstacles and inspired by The Wheel of Creativity®—a framework for a process as intimate as life itself—Kernacopia’s creative method advances more like a poem than an equation, allowing us to defy the mainstream and elude status quo. Comparable to the sensorial experiences of Ms. Keller, we aspire to enter the spaces in between and find our solutions there.


Certain of a likeness to Helen Keller’s exceptionally strong vitality and capacity for work—she seemed to know what counted most and how to recognize opportunities for her advancement—I am continually encouraged by our team’s ability to perceive a project with creative brilliance and an overwhelming desire to help our clients succeed.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”  ~Helen Keller

"When desirous of creative excellence, allowing the passage of optimistic evolution is essential." - Kernacopia

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