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create: film & video production

Branding | Print | Product Development | Web & Interactive | Film & Video

Icon_film Film & Video Production


Our talented Kernacopians join together to carefully plan, design and develop contemporary video resources to reflect your communication goals. Working closely with you during our scripting and filming processes, we will shape and produce a message that effectively resonates with your target audience(s)—all while working to emphasize your brand and personality.

Development services include:

  • creative idea generation
  • script writing
  • film editing
  • professional voice-overs
  • commercial spots
  • promotional videos

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create: product development

Branding | Print | Product Development | Web & Interactive | Film & Video

Icon_productdev Product Development


The development and launch of a new product can seem like a daunting task. Kernacopia is ready to partner with you to accomplish everything from inception to marketplace initiation.

Planning: Discover the necessary steps for successful development, target audience definition and launch of your product.

Concept Design & CAD Engineering:  With established resources and patent knowledge, we study form and function to bring product ideas to life!

Nomenclature, Trademarks & Patent Support:  A great product needs a unique name. Through word studies and industry research, we’ll work to represent your product or service appropriately while also securing the federal brand trademark(s) necessary as well as any applicable patentability searches.

Branding & Logo Identity: With a comprehensive understanding of the power of a brand, we have the ability to refine and apply distinct brand character through all elements of your marketing and communications.

Packaging, Point of Purchase & Market Introduction: With a priority focus on the overall business objectives—we evaluate the marketing and graphic solutions relative to achieving your goals. From print design to production and introduction, we place value on our solutions-oriented processes.

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create: branding

Branding | Print | Product Development | Web & Interactive | Film & Video

Icon_branding Brand (n.)

PortfolioBUTTON_brandMuch more than a professionally designed logo and innovative tagline, a brand is the culture, appearance, personality and ongoing impression made. Your brand should represent unique selling propositions while communicating differentiators to your target audience. Kernacopia evaluates the competition, builds on your strengths and develops your brand identity with thorough design elements. The representation of your brand is a thought process—which, when executed properly, puts reason and meaning behind every visual and verbal mark.

Nomenclature & Copywriting
: What is said and how it is said creates a recognizable style of communication to represent and reinforce a brand's image. The brand name should always be presented as one, consistent, unique voice. Concise and effective communication is key in building brand recognition and appeal.

Brand Standards & Guidelines: After finalizing your brand identity, considering usage recommendations is important for maintaining your brand's consistency and distinctive essence as it's translated into your marketing materials. This can involve font specifications, photography and typography treatment, appropriate sizing, color palette studies and other design elements—all helping to bring the personality of your brand to life. It’s all about creating a complete package to carry your brand forward.

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create: web & interactive

Branding | Print | Product Development | Web & Interactive | Film & Video

Icon_web Web & Interactive


Kernacopia's detail-oriented process and evaluation of every project's specific needs gives close attention to the most appropriate functionality for each client’s web goals and budget. Our web sites are built to easily expand and adapt as the Internet world changes while incorporating successful viewing on mobile devices.

Database Services: Regular site backups and upgrades are also available—to assure
that all components in your Web database are de-bugged, up-to-date and secure.
Our site development process works to prevent problematic areas for future
programming as the site expands.

E-Marketing: Further the reach of your clientele while reinforcing the importance of
relationships through our electronic marketing solutions. Track what your target
audience is viewing, measure your ROI and learn how to release effective online
campaigns. Design and planning, management of recipient lists and analytic
reports are all part of our service options. Learn more

Custom Web component options include:
content development & copywriting assistance  •  domain acquisition & hosting services
interactive photo galleries  •  custom forms & calendars  •  user logins
embedded e-news components  •  blog & forum creations  •  search engine optimization
(SEO) tactics  •  analytics reporting  •  e-commerce solutions
content management systems (CMS) & user training  •  online survey systems
RSS feeds  •  event registration  •  donation setup  •  interactive maps
audio/video displays  •  motion graphics  •  additional features as requested

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create: print design & production

Branding | Print | Product Development | Web & Interactive | Film & Video

Icon_print Print Design

PortfolioBUTTON_printRespecting each client’s individual print needs and budget, Kernacopia keeps your target audience in mind while conducting an organized approach to effectively communicate your message. From idea generation, content refinement and layout design to full management of the print production process, you can rest assured knowing that your design projects are in experienced, creative hands!

Evaluating the seemingly endless options available in the print industry today can be overwhelming. Keeping your plate easier to manage, our detailed services include all communication and the many considerations involved in the printing process. We’ll even handle distribution tactics, precise attention to your project’s quality and accuracy as well as timely delivery needs.

Print Design & Production
brochures, catalogs, annual reports, billboards, business collateral, packaging, signage, copywriting and print production management

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create: custom e-marketing solutions

Branding | Print | Product Development | Web & Interactive | Film & Video

Inform, Promote & Measure Results!

Offering custom e-marketing solutions, the Kernacopia team is an approved design and development expert for the easy-to-use MailChimp® communication platform.

Highlighted features and benefits include:

  • Store up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails per month, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use and track your results—all at no charge with MailChimp’s Forever Free Plan.
  • Create and schedule automated messages that encourage engagement and make your subscribers feel special.
  • Share with your target audience anytime with a free, permanent URL for each campaign.
  • Get customized campaign updates and view your subscribers’ photos, all from your account.
  • Choose custom-designed templates or complete campaigns. Reflect, communicate and embellish your unique brand and personality.
  • Secure password requirements, monitored logins and security questions for your protection.
  • Target your audience by location—even if you haven’t collected any data.
  • Segment based on interest, engagement and more—to tailor your message to your audience.
  • Upload and store photos and files, free of charge.
  • Add subscribers, manage your lists and view reports wherever you are using the iPhone app.
  • Analyze your list and tailor your campaigns to the people reading them.
  • Automatically manage opt-ins, unsubscribes and bounce cleaning, so you’re always in compliance with spam laws and best practices.
  • Monitor with free reports that tell you who opened and clicked, how many times your email was forwarded, overall ROI and more.
  • RSS-to-email campaigns automatically send newsletters whenever you update your blog or any other RSS feed.
  • Combine email marketing and social networking to increase the impact of your message.
  • Choose what time of day you want your campaign delivered, and it automatically delivers at the same local time worldwide.
  • Automatically translate your content, so there aren’t any language barriers between you and your international subscribers.

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Dave's Pharmacy: commercial #2


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Dave's Pharmacy: commercial #3


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Dave's Pharmacy: commercial #1


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