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New Brand Identity!

Selected to provide professional creative marketing and consulting services, Kernacopia had the pleasure of working with the Okefenokee Chamber of Commerce and Development Authority of the City of Folkston & Charlton County to create a refreshed Brand identity. Additionally, the final graphic standards have been developed to serve as a guideline—maintaining brand integrity— of all new collateral, print promotions and communications for each of the organizational divisions going forward.

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Kernacopians (n.) | kern,eäh,kõ,pë,ehns |

  1. Creative propelled by imagination
  2. Guided by a passion for excellence
  3. Diligent, meticulous, loyal and benevolent

If you’re looking for ordinary or run-of-the-mill, you’ve landed at the wrong place. Kernacopia is far from the usual, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. A wonderful mix of energetic talents, unyielding principles, persistence and vision, Kernacopia produces award-winning results.

The method to our creativity utilizes our dynamic styles, unconventional—yet relevant—branding and marketing experiences and invaluable opinions.


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