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In an effort to become more engrained and involved within the neighborhood of our satellite office, Kernacopia is pleased to announce that we are now proud members of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce. Established in 1903, the chamber provides an abundance of resources both to members and its community, as well as hosts events and delivers upon many worthwhile programs. We look forward to sharing in the benefit of chamber membership, and more importantly, becoming more involved in Athens!

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Bessie Likes AthFest

Bessie Likes the 16th Annual AthFest Music & Arts Festival, June 20th-24th.


This festival in downtown Athens features over 150 bands in over 50 venues, three free outdoor stages, a club crawl, artists’ market, film screenings and kid’s fest. AthFest is a non-profit organization created to help educate and engage the community via music and arts, to enhance the success of local musicians and artists, as well as the livelihood of Athens itself.

All proceeds from the AthFest Music & Arts Festival benefit AthFest Educates!, a year-round effort to share Athensʼ rich musical heritage with local students.

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To Multitask... Or Not

multitask (ˈmʌltɪˌtɑːsk) verb - To work at several different tasks simultaneously.

It is often said that it is a desired quality to be outstanding at multitasking. But perhaps we shouldn’t believe hype. Think about it—do we really do a myriad of tasks simultaneously, or do we quickly divert our attention from one thing to the next and back again? While some may excel at this exercising of the brain, it seems that for most it may leave the door open for inaccuracies, miscalculations or oversights. With all the pressures most of us face to do more, faster nowadays, we may not always have a choice to take our assignments one at a time, but it sure may be worth a try.

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Bessie Likes The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Bessie Likes The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Discover hidden sculptures and fountains nestled among flora in their numerous gardens. Bessie thinks it's a great place to lay down in the clover and take a nap, or possibly a leisurely picnic.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a public educational facility operating under the University of Georgia. Serving as a "living laboratory", students and faculty utilize the collections and natural plant communities for studies in a variety of disciplines. It is also a public garden for enjoyment by the general public who find beauty, knowledge and solitude in a garden setting.

In addition to strolling around the beautiful grounds, the calendar of events this Spring includes floral arranging workshops, Tai Chi and Quigong classes and don't forget about TGIT (Think Garden, It's Tuesday) where the gardens are open until 8:30 pm. You're invited to meet with friends and enjoy a coffee or light dinner at the new cafe.

Gardens, Collections and Natural areas include:

Native Flora Garden

Shade Garden

International Garden

Herb and Physic Garden

Heritage Garden

Flower Garden

Conservatory Collection

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Experience Our Interactive Side

interactiveAmong our rich palette of creative offerings, Kernacopia has a developed strength in the field of interactive marketing. From Websites to e-marketing, the possibilities are endless!

Effective Web design and development involves a detail-oriented process and thorough evaluation of the project’s specific needs. Giving close attention to the most appropriate functionality for the goals and budget of each client, our Websites are built to easily expand and adapt as the Internet world changes.

Regular site backups and upgrades are also available—to assure that all components in your Web database are de-bugged, up-to-date and secure. Our site development process works to prevent problematic areas for future programming as the site expands.

Kernacopia provides an abundance of custom Web component options to include in your site, from content development and copywriting to photo galleries, blog components or interactive maps. With all the selections available, you can look forward to a truly custom, effective Website.

In addition to creating a successful Web presence, we can also help you further the reach of your clientele while reinforcing the importance of relationship through our electronic marketing solutions. Track what your target audience is viewing, measure your ROI and learn how to release effective online campaigns. Design and planning, management of recipient lists and analytic reports are all part of our service options.

To learn more, contact us today at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Bessie Likes The Georgia Museum of Art

Bessie likes The Georgia Museum of Art. Located on University of Georgia campus in Athens, the GMA is both an academic museum and, since 1982, the official art museum of the state of Georgia.

GMAThe permanent collection consists of American paintings, primarily 19th- and 20th-century; American, European and Asian works on paper; the Samuel H. Kress Study Collection of Italian Renaissance paintings; and growing collections of southern decorative arts and Asian art.

From March 17–June 17 the Georgia Museum of Art will hold a featured exhibit entitled Pattern and Palette in Print: Gentry Magazine and a New Generation of Trendsetters, a collaboration with undergraduate fabric design students at UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. This exhibition takes its inspiration from Gentry magazine, a 1950s men’s lifestyle magazine that artfully captured nearly a decade of trends in menswear, with special emphasis on textiles and color. The exhibition will consist of all 22 Gentry magazine covers, the students’ patterns, a small selection of period menswear, gift items for women frequently advertised in the magazine and objects from the Color Association of the United States (CAUS), including a book of original color forecasts for 1949-1954.

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Designing For Your Target Audience


A message from Kernacopia's Athens, GA satellite office

To communicate effectively, our design team understands the importance of listening intently to our client's needs and becoming very familiar with the audience they are targeting. While what is created could, by some, be considered in the realm of greatness, if it isn’t reaching the intended target, then what’s the point?

For instance, even an award-winning design creation of slick, modern, minimalistic elements likely isn’t going to capture the attention of someone in search of a used automobile. On the flip side, something that is bold, bright and more in-your-face likely won’t even get a second look from someone trying to find the perfect engagement ring.

To solve this issue, a designer has to get to know not only their direct client, but also who the client is targeting. To do this, one simply has to take the time to put oneself in the position of the end consumer, and not be afraid to ask some meaningful, to-the-point questions.

What are we selling? To whom are we selling it? What key characteristics describe the target audience sectors? What is the price point? What message are we trying to convey? What emotions should be involved? Then, if I were purchasing (item/service), what would I be looking for? And so forth.

It’s definitely easy to scoff at newspaper ads or television commercials that we don’t find attractive or effective. But did you ever stop to consider that perhaps you aren’t the target of these tactics? Chances are, if you find something effective, it’s targeted toward something you’d like to buy, do or learn about.

Designers unquestionably have an intricate web to weave between creating visually-pleasing materials while also securing a message that communicates effectively. With this basic, yet often missed, combination—while there are no guarantees—at Kernacopia we know the results are almost always worth the effort.

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Bessie Likes... Free IT Athens


Bessie is the official mascot of our Athens, GA office.

Bessie’s pick this month is Free IT Athens.  

Free It Athens (or FRITA) is a group founded on the principle “that everyone deserves access to low-cost computer equipment and computer-related services.” They also “aim to increase the availability of free and open information technology and provide individuals with the experience and knowledge necessary to become both comfortable with information technology and proficient in its usage.”

Founded in 2005, FRITA provides free and reduced cost computers to individuals and groups, training classes, technical support and a robust volunteer program. To further support free and open technology the internet-ready computers they provide run on Ubuntu operating systems and open-source software rather than traditional operating systems and programs.

You can visit the FRITA center, located on Prince Avenue during open hours (6:00 to 8:00 pm Wednesdays and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sundays) or sign up for one of their many classes on the “Events” tab of their straight forward website. FRITA makes excellent use of their simple and uncluttered website design by posting a “donate” button on every page, organizing information in tab format and providing rotating pictures of events at the top of the home page.

Bessie says please consider checking out the valuable resources they provide or consider making a donation to FRITA. It’s a wonderful way to stay involved, gain valuable resources and help out the community…and you might just learn a thing or two along the way.

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January Athens Spotlight

athens.pinYou might have heard that Kernacopia has recently opened an office in Athens, Georgia. As business expands, we will concentrate on bringing our unique style of creative marketing to Georgia non-profit organizations and beyond. We enjoy working with groups that, like us, are passionate about what they do. But before we roll up our sleeves and get to work with some of Georgia’s outstanding organizations (like the Georgia Council on Development Disabilities) we need to let them know we are ready to work and excited about their programs.

The Kernacopians aggressively pursued new clients in the Athens area with a targeted outreach campaign that launched in December 2011.  The core message of the campaign, which included a brief letter, rack card and of course, business cards, was to introduce ourselves, give them a taste of our authentic approach to marketing and design and ask to meet with them after the holidays. By placing some well thought out information in front of key individuals at area organizations, we stayed top-of-mind through the noise and confusion of late December.

Now, as we continue to develop relationships with them, they remember our carefully crafted message and are eager to discuss possible partnerships with us. The Kernacopian’s community is propelled by imagination and guided by unique creativity. We are diligent, meticulous, loyal and have a passion for excellence. We have brought all that we are to the Athens office and look forward to the exciting challenges ahead.

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Bessie Likes... Bike Athens

The official mascot of our Athens office, Bessie is always in search of free space on a comfy couch. However, she also has a nose for local businesses that are doing some meaty marketing. This is all about the stuff that Bessie likes.

Bike_AthensThis month Bessie has chosen Bike Athens, a nonprofit whose mission is to “promote walking, cycling, and public transit as solutions to transportation needs in Athens through education, advocacy, and community service.”

A membership-driven organization, Bike Athens specializes in volunteer bike refurbishing and donation. They have created a policy work group that addresses transportation matters in the Athens-Clark County area and sponsor bike law abiding group rides as part of their education and outreach programs. They also provide free bike maps and a commuter assistance table at the Athens farmers market every third Saturday from April to December.

Bike Athens makes the most of their blog-style website by highlighting features, events, recent news and promoting their Flickr stream. The site also proudly displays their efforts and awards to make the Athens area bike-friendly – see the badges on the lower left side of the homepage.  The group sports a Facebook page which is linked to their Twitter page allowing for timely and efficient updates of both social media venues. One wonders what’s next for Bike Athens. A real-time traffic smart phone app, perhaps?

Bessie would like to add that alternative methods of transportation are also a great way to help shed the extra Holiday pounds, stay healthy and get to know your local area street by street. So how about it? Bike with us in 2012.

Thanks for your time, and stay tuned for more of what Bessie Likes!

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