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Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Evaluating success is not simply measured by revenue alone. For maximum effectiveness, the process should include taking a personal inventory—a life performance measurement—as well.

According to Renn Zaphiropoulos (who served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Versatec, Inc. a company he co-founded in 1969 now a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation), "Success depends on reducing the clutter in your life". In his book titled Entrepreneurial Wisdom, Philosophical thoughts for an uncluttered life, Mr. Zaphiropoulis states, "When we are young, we are told many things which turn out not to be true. Most traditions in life have to be outgrown. The idea is to update oneself and attempt to solve life's problems in an ever-changing and updated way. Failure to do this prolongs the existence of feelings, principles, and expectations that are clutter and reduce the joy of life. We should not try to do the impossible and believe in illusions."

We must be open to change. Keep in mind—whether it’s self-initiated or prompted by circumstance—often the most brilliant and wonderful things in life result from change.

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EXCELLENCE worth sharing!

An excerpt from "The Little BIG Things—163 ways to pursue excellence" written by Tom Peters

"Excellence can be obtained if you: more than others think is wise;
...risk more than others think is safe;
...dream more than others think is practical;
...expect more than others think is possible."

(originally posted by K. Sriram at

I agree!  Love it. Excellent


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Shaping Your Creative Genius

From the first time I learned of how she assessed life through hands-on exploration, I’ve been intrigued with the uniqueness of how Helen Keller shared her experiences with the world. While later in life her social ideology was challenged, many still believe she was a conqueror of her own adversities and allowed the limitations of her physical body to shape her genius. Ultimately, Helen’s truest creative experience was her life.

Challenged by obstacles and inspired by The Wheel of Creativity®—a framework for a process as intimate as life itself—Kernacopia’s creative method advances more like a poem than an equation, allowing us to defy the mainstream and elude status quo. Comparable to the sensorial experiences of Ms. Keller, we aspire to enter the spaces in between and find our solutions there.


Certain of a likeness to Helen Keller’s exceptionally strong vitality and capacity for work—she seemed to know what counted most and how to recognize opportunities for her advancement—I am continually encouraged by our team’s ability to perceive a project with creative brilliance and an overwhelming desire to help our clients succeed.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”  ~Helen Keller

"When desirous of creative excellence, allowing the passage of optimistic evolution is essential." - Kernacopia

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A Reminder.

Often, we tend to take the weight of the world on our shoulders—the do all, be all wonder person of/in our world.

Today, as I remind myself I am nothing as a power of one, I share a snippet from a devo book I reference regularly.

"May I always keep in the forefront of my mind that I am not all-wise and all powerful. Only God is that—and it is on Him that I must rely."

Wishing to all a powerful spring...a time of blessings, promise and economic growth.


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An Adventure?

One of my favorite quotes conspicuously displayed in my office—“getting older is an adventure not a problem”—serves as a daily reminder that life is truly a myriad of blessings and opportunity for which I ought to give thanks for daily.

This memorable quote originated from a US immigrant who I revere as the ultimate age-expert…a senior among seniors, Antonio "Tony" Pierro (February, 1896 – February, 2007). Mr. Pierro was, at age 110, recognized as the oldest living man in the United States and the world’s oldest living World War II veteran. A combat veteran (making him an even greater rarity) Antonio was also one

of the last surviving veterans of World War I.

If we are lucky like Antonio, we will have the chance to get older. It’s the natural course and quite

simply, one of the few constants in life.

I believe the saying applies as truth in business also. Considering the many challenges presented each year, passing time can be considered a company’s greatest asset if we are willing to learn and

open to embracing positive change.

So is getting older really an adventure? In my opinion…absolutely an exciting and rewarding one, provided an optimistic, balanced outlook is maintained.

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Sharing this inspiration for a beautiful day. Enjoy!

"A jogger was nearing the end of a run.  Sand dunes on the left blocked his view of the beach beyond. Crossing the dunes would require extra effort after a long, tiring workout. Instead, he could opt to remain on the flat road that veered off to the right. Although the scenery was less appealing, the easier route was enticing. Past experience had taught him to avoid pushing himself too hard. Yet he loved the sight of the ocean. 

The jogger hesitated. An inner nudge urged him toward the dunes, and he chose to respond to it. As the beach appeared, a spectacular sunset hovered above the crashing waves. Humility overwhelmed the runner when he realized that in his moment of hesitation, he had listened to a Power greater than himself, one who could see around blind corners.”

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness—call it intuition or what you will—and the solution come to you and you don’t know how or why.”  ~Albert Einstein

*Excerpt from: “Courage to Change”

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Is Your Brand Powerful Enough?

Considering a refresh of your organization’s most valuable asset—your Brand?

The radio station. A diaper. Your hairstyle (and color!). The toilet paper roll. Some things are simple to change and it is most often easy to recognize when they need changing. Establishing when to change a brand, on the other hand, is a bit more challenging to discern. Although there are no precise formulas to follow, there are several key indicators that can help to guide a brand evaluation process.

Begin your assessment with an analysis of age. How long have you been using the same logo design? Is your brand message connecting with your current audience? Does your brand convey emotion, clearly portray the essence of the culture that makes you unique and provide a glimpse into the soul of your organization?


If it's been a long time since your brand has been updated, it may be reflecting antiquated messaging and projecting an image that is unaligned with your current strategy. Refreshing a brand involves a study of the visual, the voice and the value proposition it brings to its target audience. In a world where the consumer population is growing at a rapid rate—nearly 1.2% per year—it’s a good idea to continuously assess the appropriateness of your brand identity and its tie to your target audience.

Given that quality is a vital ingredient in managing and protecting brand equity and sustainability, inconsistent brand usage may be another “red flag” warranting a brand refresh study. In order to reinforce its place in the consumer market and develop a special relationship for its internal stakeholders, a brand should maintain a consistent image over time. However, due to a myriad of factors—frequent shifts in human resources, lack of quality standards reinforcement, weak training programs, or minimal financial resources—brands often times become diluted when these practices are not regulated.

Building awareness, communicating a resonating message and creating brand loyalty takes time. Keep in mind, correlating a brand with the overall strategy of an organization—brand operationalization—serves as an integral component of brand sustainability. Therefore, it is important to invest in the brand, long-term.

Of course, age and usage inconsistency are not the sole criteria for reexamining your brand. Other triggers may include the introduction of a new product or service, a merger with another organization or even a change in leadership. These are all appropriate circumstances in which to evaluate and determine if your brand is keeping pace with organizational changes and current design trends.

Branding is one of the most important factors influencing success or failure in today's marketplace. If you are considering refreshing your brand (or rebranding altogether), let Kernacopia help inspire you to implement a strategy that will precipitate leverage for increased loyalty, competitive advantage and profitability. BRANDbutton

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WPC Event

It is the special (and often unexpected) moments in life that make each day worthwhile. For example, yesterday evening when I had the privilege to serve as the keynote speaker at the Wedding Professionals of Columbus (WPC) event held at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The presentation message focused on the power of a brand as well as elements that constitute a quality, engaging Website. A warm, wonderful gathering of individuals, the WPC is a networking group available for all wedding industry professionals interested in strengthening their professional relationships, and who literally dedicate their talents and expertise to making dreams come true!

To learn more, visit

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ODDC Grantee Award

An activist for the developmentally disabled throughout Ohio and the U.S., I am pleased to announce that Kernacopia has been awarded the federally-funded 2012 Public Awareness Products and Activities Grant with the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council (ODDC). Of all applications tabulated by a panel consisting of Council Members and Outside Peer Reviewers—who independently review and extensively discuss all submissions—Kernacopia scored an impressive 443 out of a possible 500.

Councils on Developmental Disabilities were created through the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act) in 1970. There are 55 State Councils on Developmental Disabilities, one in each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Marianas and American Somoa.


The mission of the ODDC is to create visions and to serve as an advocate for systemic changes. The ultimate goal of the Public Awareness Products and Activities project is to respond positively to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families as it is stated in Public Law.

The ODDC initiative began in 1972. Since 2008, Kernacopia has had the honor of collaborating with Council to change and influence both perceptions of and attitudes toward people with developmental disabilities and their families. Together, we develop a strategic plan to use existing data and develop informational materials that will serve to educate the public about how these insensitivities can adversely affect our society, and how to help implement a change for the positive.

Our passion and strength is creative problem solving. With great enthusiasm for the work with we do and a rich palette—made of multiple design styles, attention to detail and innovative spirit—we thrive on solving creative challenges with the ODDC team.

As a result of this enjoyable relationship, our horizons have been broadened, our friendships diversified and the collective impact for the people we serve is significant.

“We have been very fortunate to have Kernacopia as a grantee and have been pleased with the products, professionalism and our overall relationship. Their understanding and implementation of the ODDC brand has resulted in the creation of outstanding documents that have helped our organization to reach our public education goals throughout the state. In fact, many of the documents Kernacopia has produced have been recognized to the point that other agencies—including the Governor's office—have sought their creative project support as well. There is no limit to the expertise they provide. Kernacopia will go the extra mile to ensure products they produce are always of the utmost quality.”

- Carla Sykes, ODDC Program Staff

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Socialize Strategically

I’m one that tends to be a planner —a trait I happen to consider a valuable asset—in life in general as well as in my approach to social media marketing activities.

It’s true. Social Media is an exciting phenomenon that presents endless opportunities to expand business relationships in a much broader manner than ever before. However, it’s been my observation that many organizations don’t strategize their social tactics in conjunction with their overall marketing and advertising plans. Rather than a casual approach, I believe effective brand promotion requires an aligned and thoughtful strategy. Social marketing is no exception.

Regardless of the marketing medium, results are often reliant on the tools you use. In order to optimize online efforts, it is important that your interactive repertoire is fully equipped with the basics before you begin. Thus, since SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)—technically two different channels for online promotion—are slightly dependent upon each other, your Website is an essential component to consider when planning Social Media Marketing. Keep in mind, your Website is your virtual “front door” and serves as a first impression, so it should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and clearly representative of your brand personality, not to mention serving as the driving force behind social marketing.

Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio and video. Popular social networks such as LinkedIn®, Twitter®, Facebook® and YouTube® offer marketers a myriad of platforms to utilize. Choose the social communities that will be receptive to your message, integrate them in your Website homepage and commit your resources for optimal results.

Blog advertising is an additional method now at the forefront of most online marketing campaigns. Especially when incorporated into your primary Website, blogging prompts activity to relevant contextual links directly within your domain—one of the most important factors in determining your search engine (SEO) standings.

Another interactive connector is e-news publishing. While there are many programs available, Kernacopia maintains a standing relationship with MailChimp®—an easy way to communicate with our target audience and link directly to our social networks for consistent, hassle-free messaging capability.

So before you report your whereabouts in a Tweet, before you connect to other professionals on LinkedIn, before you share a picture of your team at the most recent bowling party on Facebook, before you upload a new television commercial to your company YouTube account for the world to see—make sure you have an ironclad plan in place and a solid reason for doing so—one that properly represents your brand, of course.


The morning of January 18th, I had the pleasure today of speaking to the Ohio Women’s Bar Foundation Leadership Institute Class on “Using Social Media for Networking & Marketing”. What a great opportunity to meet with and contribute to the Continuing Legal Education efforts of these very bright young women!

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Perception Often Hinders True Success

It’s nearing a new year, and like many others we are in strategic plan development mode for 2012. While this process is time consuming, in order to be best prepared, it requires serious reflection and evaluation of past events as well as creative contemplation and introspection for the future.

Today, my reflection focuses on perception.

It’s been said, “perception is everything”, and seems to be what drives most people. However, that really doesn’t speak to how much we really want—or in many cases, need—to know when making a fully informed decision.

If all the important parts of the equation are not considered, you won’t get the results you expect or deserve. Even though it may require some additional time and effort, going a step or two beyond initial perception may prove to be quite revealing.

For example, when evaluating a service business, if a decision is based solely on perception, you may inadvertently overlook what could have been the perfect partner for your project. After all, aside from having the necessary skills to perform the work at hand, some of the most important characteristics—such as ethics, integrity, collective experience, core value system, quality control, communication methods, creative problem solving techniques and project management processes—are often the most critical components to ensuring overall project success and sustainability.

On the flip side, as a business owner with an experienced understanding that a reviewer’s initial perception is often the only chance we have to make an impression or be considered for an important project, our planning for such must include an annual effort for continued enhancement and improvement on all fronts.

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An Adventure?

“Getting older is an adventure, not a problem.” This is one of my favorite quotes, which I have conspicuously displayed in my office. It helps to serve as a constant reminder that life is truly a myriad of blessings and opportunities for which I ought to give thanks daily.

This memorable quote originated from a U.S. immigrant who I revere as the ultimate expert on age. A senior among seniors, Antonio "Tony" Pierro (1896-2007) was, at age 110, recognized as the oldest living man in the United States and the world’s oldest living World War II veteran. A combat veteran—making him an even greater rarity—Antonio was also one of the last survivors of World War I.

If we happen to find ourselves as lucky as Antonio was, we will have the chance to experience and enjoy a long-lasting journey. After all, aging is a natural course. And, quite simply, one of the few certainties we have in life.

Mr. Pierro’s saying applies as a truth in the realm of business as well. Considering the many challenges presented each year, passing time can be viewed as a company’s greatest asset—if we as leaders are willing to learn and remain open to instigating and embracing positive change.

So, do I truly believe in the philosophy that getting older is an adventure? Absolutely. An exciting and rewarding one, at that. Provided, of course, that an optimistic and balanced outlook is maintained.

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Georgia Office Opens

An element of the company’s strategic business expansion effort, Kernacopia, Ltd. has opened a new satellite office in Athens, Georgia.

“Considering it’s unique blend of small town traditionalism and trend-setting Southern culture, Athens is a community well-suited to accommodate our creative personality,” President and CEO, Kristin Kern, avowed.  “Situated in the heart of the Boulevard District—a few short blocks from the University of Georgia—we’re very excited to experience a wide range of diverse opportunities the area has to offer and look forward to making new relationships along the way.”

The Athens office, managed by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , is now operational Monday through Friday. Kernacopia’s current business model and nature of work performed—coupled with robust processes and procedures driven by a custom, online project management system—presents a market of opportunity without boundaries. The company’s client base encompasses a wide variety of industries and non-profit entities throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Established in 2003, and headquartered in Marysville, Ohio, Kernacopia—a full-service marketing group whose passion and strength is creative problem solving—offers a wide spectrum of marketing services including strategy, creative planning, branding, print, packaging, Web & interactive, graphic and product design, point-of-sale, copywriting and filmmaking. For more information visit


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Listen Carefully

Our office—often described by those who visit as warm and welcoming—is also an active source of inspiration for creative, eclectic minds. With bold colors—true to the Kernacopia brand—welcoming us every day, and each workstation tastefully expressing independent personalities, the aesthetics of our environment only constitute one component of that which nurtures our team’s imagination. In fact, the abundant creative solutions we produce often materialize as a result of what we hear!

Considering the art of creative listening as a fundamental step in our Creative Journey, we realize that only in the act of doing so, a wide spectrum of concepts will evolve. And while the expression “creative listening” may sound more like an industry cliché, it’s important to note exactly what we listen to and why!

Aside from the initial probing process¬ and conversations that allow us to delve into the varied situations that challenge our clients—filling in the blanks of silence—we’re attentive to the tacit opportunities each of those challenges present. In concept, we explore and produce a chorus of reaction with a breath of color, a vision of pure design and a shyness (or boldness) of difference.

Even in the sounds of our everyday movement—whether it’s simple team interaction, the tapping of a keyboard, a sudden outburst of exuberant declaration or a voice of heart-felt concern—it’s only through a process of listening that we’re able to uncover secrets for improvement and translate them into marketing effectiveness.

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[August, 2011] Passionate Performance

Celebrating our 8-year anniversary!

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