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2012 ArtBox Scholarship Awarded

art.peacockArtBox was created in memory of Liz Kern, a dedicated teacher who throughout her adult lifetime shared her creativity, talents and gifts by inspiring others to utilize theirs. As an educator, Liz encouraged and motivated students to appreciate art for the personal enjoyment and fulfillment achieved as well as its’ contribution to our society. With funds managed by the Union County Foundation, and judging of applicant entries performed by Kernacopia, the annual ArtBox scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior.

artbox.awardKernacopia is proud to announce the 2012 recipient of the $1,000 ArtBox scholarship, Miss Victorria Sanders, a senior at Marysville High School. Victorria’s appreciation of the arts began as a child, with her father passing along the creative gene. This spark has since grown into her outlet for display of originality, emotions and confidence. Through art classes and clubs, as well as playing alto saxophone for various groups and expressing herself through independent artistic projects, Victorria has truly immersed herself in the field of the arts.

art.scarfShe states, “To create anything is my greatest joy, and I want to learn all that I can so I can continue and better my creativity.” She will most certainly get the chance to do so as she ventures forth into her chosen major of Fashion Design at The Kent State University. We wish Victorria the very best in this next phase of life, and look forward to seeing her creativity flourish.


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New Year's Resolution

The time is quickly approaching when we ponder our New Year’s resolutions.

Have you thought about yours?

With out a doubt, this year’s resolution for me will be to commit to keeping my office space and desk better organized. I often struggle with this and it tends to cause me undo stress. So, I’ve decided to take a simple, tension-free approach. My process will be focused on three key actions with all incoming items—Keep, Categorize/File/Store, or Pitch.


It certainly isn’t rocket science, but a definite step forward for me toward living a more productive and serene life in 2012 and beyond.

Wishing all a Happy New Year!

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